Friday, April 29, 2011

Waking up Running!

Ok so it has been a week and it the day of finals! I took my micro economics final and got a 71 so I got a 76 in the class its alright I suppose I should of studied but I really didn't. I have been running finances for next year trying to find the best and most cheapest way to live. Which is what I do no matter what since I am a cheap ass person. Anyways calc final is today guys and girls and to pass the class I need a 78 or 29 out of the 37 questions right. I got pretty drunk the night of the 28th and am still kind of drunk now. I took an adderal at about 5 am as well so I am super hyper and still buzzing with my bio final coming up in less than an hour. I can pass that blind folded after I am done however i'll have limited time to study before my Calc test which is all that matters anymore. So everyone no matter what happens I love you all, I love life and I love college this is me throwing my cards on the table and letting fate deal it's hand to me. If I have to retake calc I have realized it is not the end of the world just maybe the end of a decent GPA but screw that crap I am going to law school what matters more is my LSAT scores and not my piddley ass GPA as always my drunken ass will leave you with a picture thank you everyone for all your support and mom I am sorry I couldn't be a more diligent son.