Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Late Night Rambling Write (did that rhyme)

Another late night and another night planned for lots of studying but actually meager returns. I have been getting nervous as you all know for finals but that fear is ebbing away and being replaced by the up coming summer. This summer I will be working while taking a class and on top of that I have to start studying for my LSAT's. Also as a side project I am going to start learning C++ and Pearl and hopefully build a kickass computer next year as a side project as well as write the OS for it (I am thinking linux based). Anyways I will get into more details over the summer as to what is happening with that. Have a presentation at 8am today so in 2 hours as well as a calculus test 4 hours after that class that I need a decent grade in to have some more wiggle room in the final. To bad it is a 8 question multiple choice so if I miss one on this quiz it is already a B. Seriously this professor is on crack to give 8-10 question MULTIPLE choice quizzes in a calculus class. Well before I bore you remember to give me clicks and keep reading! :D

Picture time!!!!(Something collegian???)((Nvm could'nt find anything)).

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  1. Good luck on tests! I know I dont even know anything about that stuff so your ahead of me.