Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Results Are In!!

Ight so last time I was telling you guys how I took my bio final drunk and that I needed a 78% on my calc final to pass the class. Well results are finally in and its the closing of the chapter and I am glad to report it is a happy ending. I ended up getting a 83.8% on my calc final and now I am offically done with all higher level maths from here on out hardest math I will have is business math classes. As far as the final I took drunk I got a 84% on it and looks like ill get a B or B+ in that class. My GPA is not that great will be like 2.6-2.8 range, but I at least salvaged it since I was close to failing two of my classes. Maybe if had not gotten mono in the middle of the semester I would of had a little better GPA. In closing I would like to say to everyone thanks for the support and hope you guys all have a great summer I will still be posting keeping up to date with what I am doing and how minimum wage hell is going. Plus once next semester starts I am sure there will be many more adventure to be had and new challenges to take on. Keep reading friends and as always here is a picture for your enjoyment.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Waking up Running!

Ok so it has been a week and it the day of finals! I took my micro economics final and got a 71 so I got a 76 in the class its alright I suppose I should of studied but I really didn't. I have been running finances for next year trying to find the best and most cheapest way to live. Which is what I do no matter what since I am a cheap ass person. Anyways calc final is today guys and girls and to pass the class I need a 78 or 29 out of the 37 questions right. I got pretty drunk the night of the 28th and am still kind of drunk now. I took an adderal at about 5 am as well so I am super hyper and still buzzing with my bio final coming up in less than an hour. I can pass that blind folded after I am done however i'll have limited time to study before my Calc test which is all that matters anymore. So everyone no matter what happens I love you all, I love life and I love college this is me throwing my cards on the table and letting fate deal it's hand to me. If I have to retake calc I have realized it is not the end of the world just maybe the end of a decent GPA but screw that crap I am going to law school what matters more is my LSAT scores and not my piddley ass GPA as always my drunken ass will leave you with a picture thank you everyone for all your support and mom I am sorry I couldn't be a more diligent son.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Been up for 72 hours!!!

Ok maybe slightly exaggerated I was up 41 hours (9am Tuesday to 2am Thursday) Then sadly my favorite girl left and then alone could not stay awake on my own and passed out. Here is the interesting part I was so tired but my mind did not want me to sleep so I would wake up like every 30 minutes. Now you are probably like thats not weird people wake up on accident all the time when trying to go to sleep originally. But, before I get into the interesting part first have to teach you some science based in psychology. When we sleep there are 5 stages the first four are all just for our body to make sure we are sleep pretty much. However the fifth one is called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, it is essential sleep for our cognitive processing ability. You dream during REM sleep as well and for insomniacs and me(college students), if you only get a few hours of sleep a day you go straight into REM when you do. Cool part, since I dove straight into REM I woke up at the end of the 30 minute cycle but was still in my dream. I shot up off my pillow, I glanced around my TV, laptop stereo equipment everything was gone the desks were still there same with my chair. I fear I have been robbed so I hop out of bed to go look around the rest of the dorm and maybe check on my roommates...maybe. So I open the door to the hall way and am accosted with light. Blink for a second and turn around and my room is fine still messy and all my stuff is still there. This happened again except this time I woke up in like mental hospital bed and the walls were white but spongy looking I calmed down after a second sat fully up and prepared to get off my bed but it was almost like my brain could not keep the image since I stepped on a 48 pack box of Dr. Pepper that I had on the ground next to my bed. The second I stepped off onto the box using it to help me down the whole room morphed and next I look up it was my dorm room but weird stuff laying around that I didn't own. I turn to leave out the door again get blasted by the hall light and both times it was like when my eyes hit the light I was back in my body, because during both times it was like watching a movie and my commands sending to my brains were delayed. Well figured I would write all this down before I lost it. I have talked with other people about sleep tripping but most people never seem to get the effects I do. Anyways picture time!
(right click picture, save as and just look at it with picture viewer. It's just about lucid dreaming and how to achieve it)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Late Night Rambling Write (did that rhyme)

Another late night and another night planned for lots of studying but actually meager returns. I have been getting nervous as you all know for finals but that fear is ebbing away and being replaced by the up coming summer. This summer I will be working while taking a class and on top of that I have to start studying for my LSAT's. Also as a side project I am going to start learning C++ and Pearl and hopefully build a kickass computer next year as a side project as well as write the OS for it (I am thinking linux based). Anyways I will get into more details over the summer as to what is happening with that. Have a presentation at 8am today so in 2 hours as well as a calculus test 4 hours after that class that I need a decent grade in to have some more wiggle room in the final. To bad it is a 8 question multiple choice so if I miss one on this quiz it is already a B. Seriously this professor is on crack to give 8-10 question MULTIPLE choice quizzes in a calculus class. Well before I bore you remember to give me clicks and keep reading! :D

Picture time!!!!(Something collegian???)((Nvm could'nt find anything)).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ight Here we go, here we go!

Last time I posted all my deadlines were approaching and they still are. However at least now it looks like I might actually pass calculus and be done with math classes forever. Still a long road though, but hey schools always been low on my priorities as it is sadly, just no motivation. Anyways this weekend was the culmination of college through a great party Friday and polished off half a handle of Bacardi© <- Alt coding for fun. Anyways so great night everyone else was tripping on stuff and then played pool which doing geometry when you can barley keep your feet does not come out to well. So now I am trying to get my self back on track so pulling a classic all nighter to get my weekend homework done by like 4 am tonight.

And as for if my mom ever reads this since shes now one of my followers, hey at least I wasn't doing acid. :D

As for my followers like always leave you all with a picture from my B folder.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been Awhile

Been so busy as finals week approaches have to finally stop procrastinating and start to kind of do work. As far as life goes mines going decently. Not looking forward to summer I will be working at least 32 hours a week while taking a summer class and studying for the LSAT's. So far I do not see me getting much rest since the rest of my time will probably be split between parties and sleep. Well been up for 24 hours on the dot as i write this and have class in 2 hours so I am going to wrap this up and get moving. As always I leave with a picture.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Clubbing: I'm Confus

Now I understand what role socially clubbing has and how it is a way for women to show off attributes and suck in attention and also a way for men to spread there seed. Really I compare clubs to a 21 century equivalence to the old Roman orgy parties. The comparisons are easy to see in the Roman parties they had ritualistic dance; plants and drink that impaired your senses and music. Clubs today are pretty much the same thing except our generation can't remember more than few step so thus the grinding. However, I feel like clubs are just degrading in our society. I just do not see the appeal of it, why would you want to go and compete for girls buy filling them up on liquor and playing who has the biggest wallet. So why does our society insist on pouring our time and money into something that is so trivial we might as well go out get a hooker it will save us a night and around 100 bucks.