Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Personal Philosophy

Before I head to bed after being up for something like 18 hours I figure I would share some more of what I am about in order to establish more of a opening for this blog. I am a collegian trying to manage to get to Law school before acquiring so much debt that I am crushed under it. As far as personal philosophies go mine is simple people will trespass on you and offend you constantly but if everyone tries to be better than them like some messed up contest we might eventually try to one up everyone we see and manners and common decency may one day return to a society that feels you must be as rude as possible as not to look weak. As I will always try to do I'll leave you with a picture.


  1. So if we all keep getting ruder and ruder we all might one day not be rude? I just waked and baked, so I might be misunderstanding.. Haha.

  2. Lol Sorta sept for I was more meaning if we try to raise the bar and be nicer than the people around us and we all start trying we would keep trying to be nicer than anyone around us.