Friday, April 8, 2011

Clubbing: I'm Confus

Now I understand what role socially clubbing has and how it is a way for women to show off attributes and suck in attention and also a way for men to spread there seed. Really I compare clubs to a 21 century equivalence to the old Roman orgy parties. The comparisons are easy to see in the Roman parties they had ritualistic dance; plants and drink that impaired your senses and music. Clubs today are pretty much the same thing except our generation can't remember more than few step so thus the grinding. However, I feel like clubs are just degrading in our society. I just do not see the appeal of it, why would you want to go and compete for girls buy filling them up on liquor and playing who has the biggest wallet. So why does our society insist on pouring our time and money into something that is so trivial we might as well go out get a hooker it will save us a night and around 100 bucks.


  1. It's fun to be social and meet people! People don't do it for no reason. People like going out with friends to party and socialize. Try it! It's not just about sex.

  2. Now, I can see where you're coming from bro. I hate clubbing. It just seems like a waste of money and time.

    Now, try partying with your buddies. I always end up meeting at least one new person at every party I go to. Mostly because I know pretty much everyone there lol. Best part is you don't have to waste your money on liquor. These are the best in my opinion. Although I do enjoy just going to the bars with a few friends every now and then. But that's far from clubbing.

  3. i understand th view, but i love clubbing but i never buy any girl drinks. we mostly like getting smashed, talking shit and chatting up girls.
    its not just about scoring, its about the hunt as well.