Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ight Here we go, here we go!

Last time I posted all my deadlines were approaching and they still are. However at least now it looks like I might actually pass calculus and be done with math classes forever. Still a long road though, but hey schools always been low on my priorities as it is sadly, just no motivation. Anyways this weekend was the culmination of college through a great party Friday and polished off half a handle of Bacardi© <- Alt coding for fun. Anyways so great night everyone else was tripping on stuff and then played pool which doing geometry when you can barley keep your feet does not come out to well. So now I am trying to get my self back on track so pulling a classic all nighter to get my weekend homework done by like 4 am tonight.

And as for if my mom ever reads this since shes now one of my followers, hey at least I wasn't doing acid. :D

As for my followers like always leave you all with a picture from my B folder.


  1. I've thought emma watson was hot since harry potter 2. She got booobs.

  2. rough time for people in school right now.

  3. nice post. look forward to more.